Monday, June 19, 2017

June 20, 2017: Reviving the Sparkle

Hello Dear Readers,

Saw the doctor again yesterday for a follow up to my coughing. He told me I had an "asthmatic condition" (dust, pollutants, allergens) and sent me on my way again with another arsenal of medications. 

Trust does not come easy for me with doctors. I have had my fair share of incompetence over the years.  

I did a #Google check of the medications and all looks pretty much in order to get this cough under control and help me breathe better. Around 2pm I decided to try my luck and take the meds from the first packet. Within an hour I was coughing a whole lot less. Wow! Then around 7pm my heart started going wonky. Super fast!!! I have a natural irregular heart rhythm (tachycardia) so this was WOW! Made me feel jittery. 

I took the second packet of meds right before going to bed for the night. I slept soundly until around 1am when I was unpleasantly awoken by the stench of marijuana. Stink-eeeee. Took a little while for me to go back to sleep but I managed.
I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Wooooohoooooo…… 

I decided not to take the morning medication until I came home for my lunch break around 2pm. Since it kind of made me a little bit sluggish yesterday but also made my heartbeat go really fast.
My day, so far, has been wonderful. I have a small cough but not unpleasant. My chest still hurts just a wee bit but I am sure it will stop once I am done coughing. Been a long time since I have felt this way. My sparkle is coming back.

I am having fun with my kiddos and still loving my life here in Suwon. The days are getting hotter, as expected. In just a few more short weeks I will be on my way back to the Pacific Northwest to visit with family, friends, and Framily. Will be good to have their embraces and tell them some of my stories.

So…. From my heart to yours…. Thanks for tagging along.

The Guided Wanderer

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